Revenue AI 2019

The Revenue & Growth
Technology Event

Thursday 19th September

The Science Museum, London

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Revenue AI 2019

Where Revenue & Growth Technologies Converge to Accelerate Pipeline

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Revenue AI is the only conference for technology-driven sales and marketing leaders hyper-focused on optimising productivity and conversion performance across the pipeline.

Immerse yourself in an action-packed day of inspirational talks and panel discussions from B2B sales and marketing leaders, who have successfully adopted revenue technology into their businesses. Network with like-minded professionals who are at the forefront of technology adoption and are driven to disrupt current trends from lead acquisition right through to closed deals.



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Join Cognism and over 200 attendees in the heart of London to learn how to grow revenue with advanced technology. Revenue AI 2019 will bring together the best minds in B2B sales & marketing globally. Don't miss this unique opportunity to network with tech experts & business leaders.



Are you interested in speaking at Revenue AI 2019? We're expecting over 200 attendees onsite for this unique, 1-day event at London’s world-famous Science Museum. We're searching for diverse and authoritative voices in the B2B sales and tech sectors. Fill out our speaker submission form .

James Hodson

We are pleased to announce our first keynote speaker, James Hodson, former Head of AI at Bloomberg and Cognism’s Chief Science Officer.

James is a researcher, leader, and entrepreneur in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Finance. He has written white papers and collaborated with several world-class institutions on research into AI, including top universities such as Stanford, CMU, Columbia, and the Jozef-Stefan Institute. Previously, James built and directed the AI Research group at Bloomberg in New York, leading a team of 20 in a rich cross-disciplinary research agenda.


Join Cognism for the exclusive opportunity to gain insight from the best thought leaders in the industry, and foster relationships that will help your business thrive for years to come.


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