8:45 AM

Registration & Networking breakfast

9:30 AM

Opening Entertainment

9:35 AM

Welcome Remarks

James Isilay, CEO at Cognism

9:45 AM

opening keynote: making ai a reality in your business

Nalina Athyantha, Director, Product & Solutions Marketing at Salesforce

Jayne Howson, Area Vice President at Salesforce

10:15 AM

how to use technology to supercharge your pipeline

Talk 1:  Nick Mason, CEO & Founder at Turtl

Talk 2:  Jon Clarke, CEO at Cyance

Talk 3: Peter Starr, MD & Founder at Chilli Pepper Development

10:45 AM

Tea, Coffee and Networking break

11:20 AM

Guest keynote: Top emerging trends in sales & marketing technology

The world of sales and marketing has been rapidly changing with the rise of new technologies which have become more accessible than ever before. But what should you make of these changes, and which trends should matter most to you? In this session Michael will look to unpick this, with a focus on actionable changes you can implement in your business right now.

Michael Levy, Principal at GZ Consulting

11:50 PM

Nurturing pipeline

Talk 1: Natasha Evans,Customer Success Manager, EMEA at Salesloft

Talk 2: Alex Olley, Co-Founder at Reachdesk

Talk 3: Wayne Parslow, Executive Vice President EMEA at Validity

Talk 4: James Ski, Founder at Sales Confidence

12:30 PM

Lunch & Exhibition

1:40 PM

The science behind revenue ai

Cognism’s Chief Science Officer and former Head of AI at Bloomberg, James Hodson, reveals the secrets behind our patented sales technology - Revenue AI.

James Hodson, Chief Science Officer at Cognism

  • How Revenue AI provides a breakthrough in the structure of labour market data, in order to facilitate lead generation
  • How AI-enriched graph-based structures can be used to predict the likelihood of people being good targets for products, or identify firms that might be considering new technologies, or industries that are ripe for targeting
  • The benefits of Revenue AI - how AI technology helps B2B organisations to hit and exceed their revenue generation goals

2:10 PM

The formula for closing more pipeline, faster

Identifying opportunities to boost revenue by increasing your close rate is a key focus for any business. In this session you will learn how technolgy can help with this through the sharing of best practice examples and insights. Imagine a world where you could close deals 30% faster, and 50% more of the time!

Talk 1: Dimitar Stanimiroff, CEO and Co-Founder at Heresey

Talk 2: Anthony McPartlin, Research Director at Forrester

Talk 3: Sarah Broderick, Chief Revenue Officer at Clinked

2:40 PM

Tea, Coffee & Networking break

3:15 PM

Reporting and forecasting - closing the loop

Closing a deal should never be the end of your pipeline strategy, but rather the beginning. This is where you can close the loop and start generating leads at the top of the funnel again. In this session we will explore the tools being used by sales and marketing teams to spot trends, patterns, and opportunities in their pipeline, allowing them to build demand through predictive data and analytics.

Talk 1: Dan Thompson, CEO at Kluster

Talk 2: Alli Dolan, EMEA Channel Sales Operations Manager at Forescout

Talk 3: Christian Vaughan, Chief Marketing Officer at disguise

3:45 PM

Revenue AI Announcement

Ben Ritchie, CPO at Cognism

4:15 PM

Closing Keynote: How Companies are Using Blockchain and AI to Improve the Effectiveness of Sales & Marketing

Sunil Kumar, AI and Blockchain Global Leader at IBM

4:45 PM

Closing remarks

James Islay, CEO at Cognism

5:00 PM

Networking drinks